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On Monday it was time for another road trip to see some of the unique features on Efate, Vanuatu.

We decided on Blue Lagoon and Eton Beach. They are close to each other and offer different attractions.

I will talk about just Blue Lagoon in this post, Eton beach in another.

In 2010 the entire main road around the island was sealed, which makes for quite a pleasant trip. It takes you past extensive coconut palm groves and lots of local villages and beaches. As we got closer to Blue Lagoon, we saw quite a lot of the beaches attract a small fee for you to swim there. Fair enough. The locals own the land and access points, and the beaches themselves are some of the best around. If you have the time, exploring these different beaches could be very rewarding.

About a 45 minute drive found us in the car park with about another 6 or 8 buses.

Entry fees are 500 vatu for adults and 300 for children under 12.

After a very short walk you see what the attraction is. A large, bright aqua blue water hole surrounded by beautiful gardens. There are many shelters with benches and tables to use all connected by coral sand paths.

The Blue Lagoon itself is probably 60-70 metres long and 30 metres wide. When the sun is shining the clarity of the water allows you to see everything to the bottom from the shore. In the water it is not so clear. It seems to have the brackish sort of haziness to it.  I am not sure what the deepest point is but I would guess 5 or 6 metres. We think it is a little tidal too as we did notice a small drop in water levels over a couple of hours. Hence the brackish I suppose.

The real feature is manmade a consists of two thick ropes hanging from branches of large overhanging trees. Wooden platforms have been built from which you can launch yourself out over the water before dropping into the beautiful water below. And again. And again. And again. I think you get the picture. Check out the videos and pictures below.

Lyndon demonstrating his acrobatics.

6 thoughts on “Blue Lagoon

  1. Looks like you’ve found a good way to fill your day.I would enjoy that myself especially if the water was warm and it probably is. It would sure beat coming into the paint store.
    The boys should be good swimmers by the time you have to come home.
    So just keep on swimming , swimming, swimming
    Love to all.

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