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Eton Beach is located about 10 minutes drive north of Blue Lagoon.

You pay a small entrance fee of 300 vt per adult and 150 vt for children.

There are basic shelters and benches to put your bags and enjoy your lunch if you like. There is also a rustic toilet and change room. (Combined)

The beach itself is beautiful. The snorkelling is quite good, with an abundance of fish and coral to be seen. A small fresh water stream feeds into the sea which creates a natural phenomenon. Because fresh water flowing from the stream is less salty and less dense than water from the ocean, it often floats on top of the heavier seawater,  resulting in a sort of oily look to the top section of the water. The further away from the entrance to the stream the clearer the water.

To us the best feature of Eton Beach is the deep hole near the entrance to the above mentioned stream. The sandy bottom drops suddenly and forms a hole about 10 metres in diameter.  At low tide this makes a great spot to run and jump into. At other points of the tide it changes as water pours over the outside reef and feeds in the hole. This creates a natural swimming challenge, as the water gets quite strong and near impossible to swim against. When it gets too hard, just let the water take you back to shallow water.

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  1. Sounds like a good workout, you will al be excellent swimmers when you return home. Did I say home, not something you want to hear about at the moment. You are having too good a time.
    Much love to you all.
    Kerry xo

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