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On Wednesday we made a day trip to Hideaway Island. It is just a 20 minute bus ride away. Imagine our surprise when our prearranged bus arrived with all the windows closed and the air condition pumping! Lovely and cool. In some ways I actually prefer the older buses with worn seats, windows wide open and the wind blowing in my…. on my head. I am not sure why. I just like it. Any way it was a pleasant way to travel to Hideaway.

If you are wondering what the attraction is, Hideaway Island is a marine sanctuary. So fish from far and wide come to Hideaway. The coral is amazing and the variety and sheer number of fish is great. They are quite tame too, often coming right up to you while snorkelling. The kids enjoyed being able to get up close to the reef and fish.

The beach is pretty good too. There is a large bank of dead coral where beach chairs are set up overlooking the bay. This slopes down to the beautiful clear waters. So while some of party were not sure about the 1250vt fee to go to the island, their minds where changed within a very short time.

Hideaway island also boasts the world’s only underwater post office. You have to dive down about 3 metres to post the special postcards. Pretty cool.

After coming back to the mainland on the ferry, we had a wonderfully refreshing swim at Mele Cove, before having woodfired pizzas and other yummy food at The Beach Bar. By 6.30 we were done. The Beach Bar gives a meal to the bus drivers when they are picking up people who have dined with them, which is nice.


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  1. It’s a truly beautiful and quaint little island. Some of the best snorkelling we’ve done – another world of underwater fish and sea creatures. Memories of our 26th anniversary there with A & M.

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