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Mele is the largest village on Efate Island. One of the tourist attractions is Mele Cascades.

When we visited 8 years ago, entry was free but here were very little facilities. Now the price is 2000 vatu/ ($25) adult and 1000 vatu/($12.50) child. It sounds a little expensive, but when you have seen the before and now, the developments made, you can see the money has been used well. The developments have been done to fit in with the environment too with out detracting from the overall beauty of the place.

The day we went was hot and surprisingly Lois was the first one into the water. The first waterhole has a nice deck on one side and a rock to jump off on the other. There are loads of fish of varying sizes too. There is also a cafe and bar close to this area, as well as the change rooms and toilets. These are the best facilities at a village attraction we have seen so far.

From this area you follow a well constructed path up the hill to the waterfalls. Along the way you pass through the village gardens, a huge bamboo grove and small streams. As you get further up you have to walk through the water over the rocks. Wear shoes that can get wet. The rocks are not at all slippery and there are ropes for added assistance if needed. The water gets up to adult knee depth(mine) in a few places. Once you are at the top of this section you break out into the open and immediately see the first large waterfall. It is probably 30-40 metres high and cascades downs into a small pool. There is easy access into this pool and it is not very deep at all. Here is a little feature that you would not see without being told; looking at the waterfall, there is a rock to the left with a gap between it and the wall. It has a pretty heavy fall of water there, but if you walk straight through the water curtain within about a metre there is a small grotto/cave. It would easily hold 6 adults. It is a great little spot behind the waterfall, which cannot be seen from the outside at all.

This is the first waterfall. The other one is slightly higher up. Follow the path and a series of steps cut into the rock to the right.

We spent from 12.30 till 4 here, which allowed plenty of time to have lunch walk up to the top and back, swim in as many waterholes as we could on the way down, have another play at the first hole, have a coffee, ice cream or cocktail, use the facilities and still have time to wait for the bus.

It was a great afternoon. We all enjoyed it. A taste and touch of paradise.



4 thoughts on “Mele Cascades

  1. Hahahahahahaha
    Doing a “David Attenborough”. Very well done & entertaining to watch, I needed a laugh.
    Put in more funny’s – they’re good.
    Beautiful waterfalls :)

    Love to all

  2. good video Simon, now know why mum said that you can talk underwater.
    love all the other posts as well.
    had a text message on Sunday morning from Paul Dick in NZ after viewing your Instagram pics he wanted to know where the witnessing was on your holiday. Directed him to this journal.
    keep having fun.

  3. What a ball you are all having. Hearing the excitement in your voice cheered me up Simon. Your mother says you are having too much fun, its time you came home:)
    How beautiful it is there.
    Nice to know the environment is safe, he he.
    Waiting for the next installment.
    Much love to all.

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